India has several secrets behind its rapid growth. Indians represent their strength with the help of their unique culture, values ​​and beliefs. Without any stiffness, every Indian has proudly enjoyed his survival and flourishing touch the colors of success. No doubt it has a mixture of different cultures and traditions with the grace of acceptance. Every Indian is also able to take a sharp turn for growth in time of need without losing their core roots. So here we are discussing these facts in the popular world of basic culture, customs and traditions that attracts others to visit India.

Traditional values ​​in Indian culture (our Parampara)

On the vast canvas, you can find a perfect picture of the culture and values ​​in a form of different hues and dynamism. Since the last centuries, the country follows the same path of unity, support and tolerance. A visitor can find a nice balance between the uniqueness and diversity in the field of India. You can feel a devotion self value in the citizens of this country.

Greetings and welcome way (Atithi Devo Bhava)

The land of India has great traditional values ​​where visitors were also treated with the same importance and value than God. With this supreme value, you can reach the deep roots of this culture. First you get the wonderful expression of greeting when you meet that varies from religion to religion. As in Hindu families Touching the feet or "Namaste- the joining of hands" are the common means of greeting to the elder. Similarly, Muslims use "Adab" using their right hand.

It will create a magic charm, especially when Atithi get a warm welcome with garlands of flowers. In the Hindu religion, it will be equal to offer a prayer to God.

Worshipping- A force morale

In India, 'New Morning or Suprabhat' means the worship of nature, where the day begins by offering water to the Sun (Surya Namaskar). Similarly, water and other religious Tulsi plants, chanting mantras and prayers relevant sources.

Believe in God (vrat fasting-), respect for women (Kanya Pujan), care of animals (cow and dog food) and holiday celebration with a special dedication to God and Goddess are the real means of life in India .

Without any difference in color and creed, many religions begin their new morning and teaches high values ​​to their new generations. The moral value is also a unique strength of this place.

Cultural values ​​in Indian culture (Sanskriti Aur)

The concept of joint family is very interesting where your parents, grandparents and paternal aunt and uncle live together. It is a way to collectively share your sorrows and happiness by becoming a support for each other. With a complete care and growth, you can know the value and respect for relationships.

Indian weddings:

In Indian weddings, the best part is the rituals that differ from community to community. People have the fundamental idea that marriage is a way to unite two families. Enjoy a fun day with lots of music and dance as well as several ceremonies related to marriage. It is an auspicious occasion where every relationship has its unique value. With the feeling of joy and happiness, the family of the bride particular emotions regarding the day.

Traditional Indian Attire:

With the concept of India outfit, a beautiful traditional sari image first comes to mind. This ethnic wear pleasantly describes the beauty of Indian women. This suit gives a graceful and complete look. Saree is a special outfit, which is used in the daily routine, as well as on special occasions. And other popular Indian salwar kameez is required, which provides a comprehensive insight with dupatta. Similarly, the traditional wear for men in Kurta Pajama, Dhoti and special occasions and formal wears Sherwani.

No jewelry, the traditional dress-up men and Indian women is incomplete. Even wearing jewelry has some scientific logic behind it. These metal ornaments are very excited and gives positive energy to the user. It is the fundamental reason why some temples men must go shirtless and women married must prepare this part of the jewelry. There are many accessories for women, which helps to enhance their beauty. In most Indian religions, Mangalsutra, Sindoor, Mehndi (henna), nose rings and toes are part of married women full dress.

The other most important part is Bindi and Tilak (chandan, saffron, sandal paste and kumkum) that we generally consider in the Hindu religion. This color between the eyebrows has a spiritual significance. As it is also a part of married women dress-up, but in the case of men and yogis, Tilak is used to improve mental concentration. Of the many festivals, pujas and ceremonies of the Hindus, it is also applied to God, Goddess, family members and guests.

Our Customs (Rivaj) is logical and Science Based

Why let temples?

The temple architecture is well defined along the magnetic flux line of the earth. Thus, it is an extreme source to capture the positive energy. Similarly, the main idol of Garbhagriha vibrates positive energy in an environment due to a buried copper plate below. Thus, it is healthy and relaxed for the temple and save the positive energy on a regular basis. Also, take off shoes before entering temples, kitchen or any other place of worship is as a practice to maintain a clean environment and sanctifies.

Why we worship Tulsi plant?

According to the basic Hindu religion, the house is incomplete without a Tulsi plant (Basil) in the courtyard of the house. Tulsi or Tulsi is the only plant or grass on the land, which the self-purification or immense healing properties. Your worship, puja or any spiritual exercise is incomplete without the use of Tulsi leaves.

Lamp Lighting?

The lighting of the lamp is a great visual appearance along a power to fill the area with a new positive energy. In these quiet and pleasant few minutes, you can get the opportunity to hear your soul voice. It is a way to develop new qualities in yourself by invoking your own. Thus, the lighting of the lamp is of major importance if it is a social event, festival, a ritual or a part of daily prayer.

Ringing of bells?

According to Indian Sanskriti, Ghantaa or bells has an important meaning. In Hindu temples, the bell great importance by bathing the Lord or when offering food and even the devotees enter the temple after ringing the ghanta. This bell metal (copper, gold, silver or brass) has the power to produce positive vibrations and help to drive quickly away evil forces. The sound of long duration of the bell tends to offer a healing touch to your chakras of the body along a quick focus on your mind during the time of darshan.

Why we do it clockwise "Pradakshina" of the main idol is placed in temples?

Are you curious about the schedule of travel (Pradakshina) around the divinity? Then a ritual or a symbol of respect to God or Goddess placed in temples. Scientifically, Pradakshina is a way to absorb the positive radiation beam through magnetic waves. The three faces covered Sanctum Sanctorum is very effective to radiate this positive energy that your body can absorb on a regular visit to the temple.


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